Barton students staff have a new way to stay hydrated and help the environment at the same time. A new water bottle filling station is in Hamlin Student Center.

Sophomore Vanessa Sanoja illustrates how to use the water bottle filling station
Sophomore Vanessa Sanoja illustrates how to use the water bottle filling station

Students can use this to refill water bottles instead of buying bottles of water. Carolyn Hornick, instructor of education said, “All FYS classes were challenged to create a Green Initiative Project to be presented in a “Shark Tank” style fashion to judges. “My class observed areas across campus and determined how Barton could reduce the environmental impact,” she added.

“Small groups brain stormed and chose various options to research and then wrote business plans.” Options included in the contest were motion sensor lights in dorms, classrooms, and bathrooms, to-go plates for the café, and water filtration system were submitted.

Hornick said, “With the help of the Oral Communication Lab, each small group prepared a short speech and presented to the class, the best presentation then presented in front of the entire freshman class and judges.” Members of the winning team were Brooklyn McKibben, Troy Maslowski,, Scott Pechacek and Marissa Green.

McKibben said, “We came up with this idea because we observed the recycling on campus was not being used enough. Students were not taking the time to recycle but rather throw the water bottles away.” Mckibben said, “Sometimes people do not see the impact of their recycling, so we wanted to create a way that each person could recycle their bottles but the students could still get they water they want, but benefit the environment.” The water station also counts how many times the water bottle stations are used, so students are able to see the kind of impact they are having on the environment.

Mckibben said, “You just place your water bottle under the tap and it begins to pour filtered water.” Only one water bottle station is located in the Hamlin Student Center across from the theater. McKibbon said, “We hope to eventually have them in every building on campus.”

Hornick said, “ I love the water station. I often walk over from my office in Hardy Center to fill up my water bottle.” Mckibben said, “Our group did not know that we would make this much of an impact and change water fountains around campus, but we are very thankful for the opportunity Barton gave us.”

By Jessica Pate 

Managing Editor