Howard Chapel. | Keith Tew, Barton College

September 11, 2018 – Barton students and faculty filled the seats of Barton’s Howard Chapel for opening convocation on Aug. 28 to hear 2016 graduate Keisha Parker give the keynote speech.

Opening convocation is a tradition held every year at Barton at the beginning of the new school year, and this tradition continued this year.

Convocation opened with a speech from Dr. Douglas Searcy, president of Barton, to welcome the newly arriving freshmen to the school, along with welcoming back all returning students and faculty.

A feeling of warmth  filled the air as Searcy spoke, leading into the next speakers for the event. Following the speech form Searcy came Dr. Gary Daynes, vice president for academic affairs, and Asia Robinson, Student Government Association president.

Daynes and Robinson both gave welcoming and purposeful speeches to the audience, both being able to get their point across while keeping their speeches informative.

Parker’s speech was one of both information and hope for those listening. Parker managed to convey her message very concisely while never straying from the point of it all. She was able to convey to the listeners what the struggles of college can be, but how rewarding it can be at the same time.

Convocation was wrapped up with one last prayer before bid- ding farewell on this tradition for another year.

By Lawrence McLean