Barton students and alumni were welcomed back “home” to participate in homecoming activities on Friday, Oct. 23, through Sunday, Oct. 26.

Homecoming Queen Keisha Parker accepting her crown.

The weekend was filled with activities for past and present Bulldogs to enjoy.

The celebration began Friday at 11:30 a.m. as alumni were invited to participate in the “Barton Superball Golf Tournament” at the Wilson Country Club.

Throughout the weekend, many other events occurred that were designed to entice alumni to return to Barton and socialize with their former classmates.

For instance, the Class of 1965 was given a chance to reunite in the Kennedy Family Theatre Friday afternoon. They also had a 50th reunion luncheon Saturday at the Hardy Alumni Hall.

Jared Tice, dean of students, said that Sigma Sigma Sigma had its 50th anniversary reunion, as well, with more than 200 members in attendance.

Though particular events were designed specifically to bring the alumni together, many other events brought both past and present generations of the Bulldog family together. For the first time, a tailgating event was held on the West Entrance lawn where all Bulldog teams or groups were invited to participate.

Tice said that during the tailgate, participants were able to buy a $100 tent and decorate it to compete for “best tailgate.” Tice said Pi Kappa Phi won the competition.

Homecoming dance floor filled with students awaiting for the Homecoming King and Queen awards.

The Risse band played live music at the Homecoming dance on Saturday night as alumni and current students gathered in a tent on center campus to dance, eat refreshments, take photos in the photo booth and hangout.

Tice said he was happy with the amount of students who showed up to the dance. “We are very excited,” said Tice. “The dance seems to be growing each year—with students getting involved and coming to the dance.”

During the dance, John Sloop from Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was named Homecoming King and Keisha Parker of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority was named Homecoming Queen.

Tice said more than 400 students voted in the election.

The 2015 Homecoming competition winners were also announced for the competitions that took place during the week and were presented with a trophy.

Tice said the organizations that nominated candidates for Homecoming King and Queen competed in a series of Homecoming events throughout the week to win the trophy. The events consisted of a canned food drive, spirit stick competition at the Basketball spirit night, a music video competition, trivia game and a billboard competition.

Homecoming King and Queen Winners: Keisha Parker and John Sloop.

He said that the theme for this year’s music video and billboard competition was a ‘90s television show, so participants in those competitions had to portray a 90’s theme. The shows ranged from the “Hercules” animated series, to “Doug” and “All That.”

Tice said for each event, the organizations that gained the most points won. He said that the winners of the competition were Delta Zeta and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

On Sunday, the last day of Homecoming adventures, the day started off with a worship service at Howard chapel and ended with an alumni baseball game.

Sophomore Tyler Dew said he enjoyed the Homecoming activities that the college offered. “It was great to see alumni that I knew, and it was great to see everybody gathering together to celebrate the college. I just had a fantastic time.” said Dew.

By Taylor Baker
Managing Editor