dominican-republic-2017-day1“College is the best time for students to study abroad. These four years are about discovering yourself and study abroad provides students with that opportunity,” said Jaqueline Fischer, International and Transfer Student coordinator at Barton.

Barton offers several study abroad opportunities for students who are interested in discovering themselves through academic travel. These opportunities are available to all students.

Two types of study abroad are offered at Barton: faculty led programs and partnership programs. These programs are offered during the academic year and in the summer in several different locations around the world.

In 2018, three faculty led trips will take place during spring break and another during the summer. The locations for these trips are Ireland, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

The Ireland trip will be led by Dr. Alan Lane, associate professor of history, during spring break. Students will earn three credit hours as they tour the Emerald Isle and experience history and culture.

The Guatemala trip, led by Dr. Charles Linear, assistant professor of marketing and business administration, also departs over spring break. Students will study international marketing while earning three credit hours.

Dr. Carole Ruwe, associate professor of nursing, will lead nursing students on the spring break Dominican Republic trip. Students will earn three credit hours as they assess the growth and nutrition intake of children in the community they visit.

Students will earn six credit hours in Mexico as they tour various cities and interact with host families. Dr. Sharon Montano, associate professor of Spanish, will lead this program in summer 2018.

Fischer said the faculty-led programs are good options for students with heavier course schedules. These programs are typically held over spring and summer breaks, preventing them from interfering with regularly scheduled courses.

For students who are interested in spending an entire semester abroad, one of the three partnership programs that Barton offers is a possible option.
Semester at Sea is an accredited program through Colorado State University. The program is based on a cruise ship and travels to 10-12 countries over the course of the semester. More information can be found on the program’s website:

Central College, located in Pella, Iowa, partners with Barton to offer students study abroad opportunities in seven countries: Wales, Spain, England, Yucatan, Austria, Ghana, and Merida. More information about program details and tuition can be found on Central College’s website:

Barton’s partnership with Charles University in Prague is the third partnership program available to Barton students. In addition to earning college credits, students embark on trips to nearby European countries and are trained in the Czech language. More information about the program can be found on the program’s website:

“Our partnership with Charles University is our most prestigious one,” said Fischer.

Fischer also said that she wishes more students took advantage of the study abroad opportunities at barton. “There are so many benefits of travelling abroad. Students really become immersed in another culture which has positive social and academic effects,” she said.

For faculty led programs and partnership programs, students are able to apply their Barton financial aid to the tuition of their program of choice. In addition to financial aid, students can apply for travel scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition.

Students who are interested in the study abroad opportunities may contact Fischer by emailing her at: She is also available for in person appointments in her office in the library.

By Alyssa Lanphear
Managing Editor