Barton College’s Scholarship Recognition Luncheon took place on center campus on April 9. The purpose of this event was for the school’s community to express its gratitude to scholarship donors.

More than 300 people attended, about half were student recipients and the others were scholarship donors. Each year, more than $1 million is collected between all the benefactors, helping and inspiring student’s futures.

During this time, scholarship recipients were able to interact with the donors while lunch was served, and some even got to hear stories about either how the school was in the past, or the reason for some of the scholarships.alicia

Frances Duke Moye, contributor for the Moses W. and Frances D. Moye Endowed Scholarship and member of Barton’s board of trustees, expressed how important this day was for her, because everyone got to celebrate the students.

“It has been said that if you want to see the past you touch a rock, if you want to see the present you touch a flower, and if you want to see the future you touch a smart Barton College student,” said Moye.

Student Kevin Toth receives many different scholarships. He told his story about how the assistance of donors helped him attend college that has allowed him to pursue a double major in religion studies and history. He will graduate in May.

“I was just so amazed on how loving and encouraging the Barton community was towards one another,” said Toth. “I told myself this is the place I wanted to be at.”

Along with several speakers, there was a musical performance by The Bartonaires, a student a capella ensemble.

Ms. Brianna Thomas, student recipient, said, “I chose to attend Barton because of the warm, familiarly environment that I felt when I came here.”

Thomas said, “I’ll forever be indebted to all those scholarship donors and coaches, students, teachers, and everyone that has helped me while I’ve been here and just been a part of my life and made this Barton experience the best it could possibly ever be.

“I’ll remember that five weeks from now when I graduate, I’ll remember that 15 years from now when I come here hopefully, so I just want to say thank you.”

It was a great day in which stories were shared between students and donors, and many of them bonded and made new relationships. It was also a day in which recipients of scholarships were able to thank contributors for all the dedication they put into inspiring students.

Toth said, “All the memories and all the knowledge I’ve retained here, would not have been possible if people like all of you didn’t take the time to support students like all of us.”

By: Alicia Lasry