A new year at Barton College means new and exciting productions from the Barton College Kennedy Family Theatre for one and all to take part in.

Last semester, Barton College Theatre team put on an edgy performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for a mature audience and also performed the whimsical play “Peter Pan” for all ages at the Edna Boykin Theatre.

With the new year being in full swing, so have plans for new productions.

For this semester’s productions, Barton College Theatre Director Adam Twiss said, “Student produced, directed, performed and (some) written, that we’re calling ‘Night of Theatre’; will run Feb 25,26,27 at the Kennedy Family Theatre.

“Following that, we have a classic French Farce called ‘Tartuffe,’ by the renowned comic writer, Moliere, that will run April 21,23,24, in the theatre…skipping the Friday in support of Greek Show. There are also orchestra and choir concerts, so it’s a very full performing arts semester.”

Differing from past productions, Barton students can look forward to the new productions because of the professional level and hard work the students have put into this year’s productions.

Theatre Director Adam Twiss

Twiss said, “This will be the most comprehensive student-produced work we have showcased in the theatre. It was built on a model we began with graduating seniors four years ago. It will be exciting to see these students operate as a small, professional theatre company! As to the mainstage production of ‘Tartuffe,’ it’s always a special event to work on a classic play…and this is the first time we’ve worked on a classic comedy since we opened the Kennedy Family Theatre seven years ago.

“I expect this show will feature students, faculty and community members…and will be a hilarious introduction to a challenging style of dramatic literature,” added Twiss.

In relating to the student involvement with this semester’s productions, sophomore and stage manager for the student production “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Sarah Kirk said senior Zachery Rayburn will be directing the Shakespearean play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and senior Allison Dellinger is writing and directing a play called “Emaline.” Both student led productions will have a cast and crew of Barton students.

If students are interested in getting involved onstage as a cast member or backstage, there are many opportunities to get involved, said Twiss, adding, “Announcements will go out to the campus community soon regarding audition dates and ways to participate…it is open to everyone!”

All productions will be held in the Kennedy Family Theatre so any Barton students looking to take part will not have far to travel.

By Elizabeth Sloop
Staff Writer