Ben Rosolie and Cedrick Parris have been named the new Barton SGA president and vice president. Rosolie was sworn in at the January senate meeting, while Parris will be sworn in, during February’s meeting.

At the end of Barton’s 2015 fall semester, Student Government Association president, Keisha Parker announced she would be leaving during the spring semester for an internship out of state.

Parker accepted an internship on Capitol Hill with NC Sen. Richard Burr, leaving her seat on Barton’s SGA empty. Parker had previously served as SGA President for a portion of her sophomore and senior year, and her entire junior year.

Barton’s current VP of SGA was Ben Rosolie, a junior fitness management major. Rosolie is very active in the Barton community, and a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

IMG_6527 (2)
Current SGA President Ben Rosolie with former SGA President Keisha Parker.

“Keisha had the opportunity of a lifetime of working with Sen. Burr in Washington DC, this caused the opening to occur and the SGA bi-laws state that the VP moves up and then the VP position becomes vacant for a new election to occur,” said the newly sworn in SGA president.

With Rosolie moving up to the president’s position, a special election was held on campus to fill the vacant vice president’s position. Parris was elected from among three candidates running.

Rosolie said he has enjoyed his role on SGA as VP and is excited to get issues and goals accomplished as the new president. Rosolie is most excited to get the opportunity to work with the leaders and alumni of the college, on behalf of the student body.

“I’m very excited about this new role, it gives me a chance to grow as not only a leader, but as a student. The skills I will gain throughout the position will help me become a better worker in my future career,” said Rosolie.

Rosolie said he looks forward to working with others who have a big play in how the college acts, and it’s amazing to see firsthand. Rosolie also said it helps him realize how much work goes into large organizations like SGA.

“What I hope to have happen while I am in the presidential role is to help build a stronger bond between the students now and the alumni, which will hopefully cause an increase in a positive atmosphere. Also, I want to take the ideas the students have to make Barton better to the Alumni and Leaders of the College. I really want to see if we can work towards making those dreams a reality,” said Rosolie.

Parker said, “I work in the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington DC, doing tasks such as reading and sorting mail, answering phone calls from constituents and running errands for the Senator and his staff.”

“Sen. Burr is really focused on constituent care so we do what we can to help everyone that comes in our office. We get to learn all about the Capitol building and get to connect with people from all around North Carolina,” added Parker.

Parker said that of her favorite tasks that interns do, is give Capitol Building tours. She says that she is very grateful for this special opportunity and is looking forward to where it will take her in the future.

By Wyatt Kimbrough
Staff Writer