mkbrantley October 8, 2020
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By CASSIDI HINSON / Social Media Editor

Chipotle, Popeyes, and Vitality Nutrition are some of the new businesses planning to
open up shop in Wilson, NC in 2020. One of these businesses, Vitality Nutrition, is owned and
operated by Barton senior, Hayley Grizzle.Vitality Nutrition will be located near the same
shopping center as Hobby Lobby, at the address 2800 Raleigh Road Parkway.

“We are the healthy hangout spot of Wilson, serving up protein shakes and healthy
energizing teas and more,” said Grizzle.

Grizzle is a 21-year-old business and healthcare administration double major, with a
double minor in medical billing/coding and honors research. She is an active and involved
student on campus. She has held positions in student government, as a student ambassador,
previously on the softball team and in Delta Zeta here at Barton.

“I have always been interested in opening my own business, I’m not a big 9 to 5 kinda
girl. Plus, in Hampstead where I am from there is a place there called Steadfast Nutrition, which
has the same concept as Vitality Nutrition. They have been open for a little over a year and ever
since they first opened I fell in love with the idea of opening my own. When I realized I had the
opportunity to open my own I decided to just go for it,” said Grizzle.

Wilson currently has a GNC, a Planet Fitness, and several gyms; however, no
nutritional/workout beverage options.

“Vitality Nutrition is a nutrition club, but it’s not like a GNC, we do have supplements on
sight to sell but it’s more of a nutrition bar. We have different options including a variety of
shakes and teas. We have three different options of teas: Level 1 (85mg caffeine), Level 2
(160mg caffeine), Level 3 (200mg caffeine), and a Zero Caffeine option as well. Vitality will be
using a natural caffeine which gives you the energy you need throughout the day, without the
crash other forms of caffeine may cause,” said Grizzle.

Vitality Nutrition is still in the process of being renovated, but Grizzle hopes once
Vitality opens it will have a positive effect on the Wilson and Barton community.

“Wilson has grown on me in the past 3 years when I first came to school from the beach
town I am from, I didn’t see myself staying here. I Planned to stay at Barton until I graduated, but
then I planned to move back home or to the Raleigh area. Instantly Barton, Wilson, and the
community as a whole grew on me a lot. I love the people here, I have a lot of connections and
relationships in Wilson. From working at Pup’s Steakhouse where there are regulars that come in
and meeting them and building relationships with the different teachers, faculty, and staff at
Barton I’ve met playing softball here. I feel like it is a great town and they just need something
like Vitality, because there are not many healthy options around Wilson. I know a lot of
athletes-at least I do-wake up wanting something healthy to fuel them at the beginning of the
day. I feel like Vitality can provide that option,” said Grizzle.

Although Grizzle will be graduating from Barton in December, she plans to give a
discount to Barton students and staff. Barton students won’t have to wait long to try out Vitality
Nutrition, because in a few short months the doors will open to the public.

“If everything goes as planned, the grand opening will be October 3rd. We will open up
at 7 a.m. that morning and we will be open until 2 or 3 p.m. The opening and closing are still in
the works of being decided but will be determined closer to the opening of Vitality. Vitality will
start out being open every day of the week, including Sundays, and the days will be adjusted to
the influx of customers each day,” said Grizzle.

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