By Kimberly Olivera

Every year Barton College begins a new school year and every year welcome back Barton day embraces students into its fun, easy-going atmosphere.

According to Dean of Students Jared Tice, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) organization is responsible for Welcome Back Barton Day, as well as many other traditional events at Barton.

Tice said CAB is a student-led program for student activities at Barton.

He said there are four different officers who are in charge of CAB and get paid for doing the job.

The main leaders are President Anyya Jay Street, Vice President Kianna Jimenez, Secretary Kate Barton, and the Public Relations Manager/Marketing Coordinator Kayleigh Huffman.

“They help plan, promote and execute student activities,” said Tice, adding that Drew Winters, coordinator of student activities, is the primary adviser. Tice is the secondary adviser.

Tice said CAB is supported by student activity fees.

Tice said every four-year university or college has some version of CAB on their campuses, some with different names. They might be called the student union association for example.

He said historically a student led programming of student activities has always been around, although it might have taken a different form in the past.

Tice said CAB is in charge of events like homecoming, lighting of the luminaries, family weekend and the pre-jam exam. He said students can also come up with their own ideas of events they’d like to see happen on campus.

For example, he said movie nights, paintball trips and road trips to Kings Dominion amusement park have all been original ideas by students.

Tice said anyone can join CAB. He said all students are a part of it and can voice their opinions or come up with new ideas for events.

He said CAB meets Tuesdays at 11 a.m. every week in the Hamlin board room.

Tice said he occasionally hears from students who think there is nothing to do at Barton College, but each week the Office of Student Activities, Campus Activities Board, Office of Residence Life, Health Services, Student Success and many others offer a variety of programs during the day, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

Tice said, “After all of this,” said Tice, “if students still feel there needs to be more to do on campus, or they have ideas for programs and events – then the Campus Activities Board is the place where they can actively engage with other student leaders to help develop and create these programs.

“We are always open to more student involvement,” added Tice, “more ideas and more programs to better serve all of our students.”