By NICHOLAS HORTON / Correspondent

Photo by WHITNEY JOYNER / Asst. Art Director


As students begin yet another fall semester at Barton College, excitement always accompanies the beginning of the semester. This year is different as a new obstacle is thrown into the semester to challenge everyone, Covid-19. In order to assure the safety of faculty, staff and students, there are many new rules designed to combat Covid-19. These rules come from not only the federal government but also Barton College. Some of the main rules for Covid-19 required by Barton College are the following:

All faculty, staff, and students must wear a mask in all public areas of the campus. Masks are a requirement in classrooms at all times.

  • Faculty, staff, and student are required to socially distance 6 feet from each other when in proximity to each other.
  • Students are use the Covid-19 portal on the Magnus Health app, which includes a list of symptoms and an area to put in their daily temperature.
  • Classrooms surfaces will be disinfected in between classes by professors or students.

Along with changes within the classroom, there have been changes to the Culinary Center too.

  • Self-serve options in the Culinary Center will no longer be available to students, faculty, and staff. Culinary Center workers will be distributing food as well as takeout options for students, faculty, and staff instead.
  • Disposable utensils and takeout boxes will be used in place of reusable utensils and plates.
  • Tables will cleaned at an accelerated rate in the Culinary Center. A clean table in the Culinary Center will be marked with a sticker for clarification.
  • Higher traffic areas on campus (dorms, learning halls, etc.) will get a higher cleaning priority.

As information with Covid-19 is relayed to Barton, guidelines will be updated to further ensure student, faculty, and staff’s health and safety. If you have any further questions or concerns related to Covid-19, contact Jennifer High at or schedule an appointment with the Student Lee Health Center.