September 11, 2018 – The people you meet while in college will probably stay with you for a lifetime. For every college student this statement is true. Many freshmen are at Barton College either on academic or athletic scholarship.

This academic year starts off with the incoming freshmen who this year has been the largest group ever recorded. Being a freshman is an exciting time to make new friends and reinvent yourself. It’s not all just happy smiles all around many of the  first year students experience homesickness because many are out of town and out of state.

“Yeah, I am from Tampa and I miss my friends, and family, but I know I am here to chase my career under deaf education,” said Darrian Sisson.

Many freshmen are athletes such as track, swim, basketball, softball and cheerleading. Many of the athletes have bit more on their plates do to practice and games.

There are many students like Darrian who find themselves in this situation. “It helps that I have friends to talk to and an amazing roommate who is a second year to help me out with certain things.” said Miss Sisson.

“Being a freshman is a big step forward for me, I can’t wait to move forward in the major and career I want. I love it here,” said Kendall Stokes.

By Debbie Herrera
Staff Writer