Barton welcomed the Freshmen Class of 2017-2018 on the first day of move in, Aug. 10. Welcome weekend was a three-day event filled with fun and interactive activities to get the new students involved.

Classes started Aug. 14, just three days after move in. With such a quick transition from moving to Barton to starting classes, many freshmen become overwhelmed.

Not only does moving away from home take time to adjust, but the classes and workload are completely different.

Freshman Callie Burnette said, “The first week was filled with both nervous and positive energy. I was excited to make new friends with my fellow teammates and those within my first year class.”

After the first few weeks, freshmen started to get into the routine of college life with tiime management being a major aspect to the college transition.

College students have to plan basic activities around their schedules like eating, sleeping and doing laundry. Trying to balance class and practice schedules with daily tasks is harder than it may seem.

As the midway point of the semester neared, students were given a fall break Oct. 7-10. The fall break allowed students the ability to travel home and take a break from school, which was much needed for the freshmen.

After fall break, Burnette said, “I now feel like I have a handle on the college life by getting used to my daily routine.”

Although the students are only halfway through the semester, many freshmen shared how they feel as if they belong to Barton.

Kaylee Davis said, “As a freshmen, I feel part of the Barton community. Every day I am greeted by students and faculty.”

Making it to the halfway mark of the first semester is the most crucial aspect for freshmen. Even though the process of making it to this halfway point takes time, it is always worth the wait.

The adjustment to the college life is one of the best things in any college student’s experience because it provides comfort away from home, independence, and responsibility. These attributes are the basis to having a remarkable experience at Barton College.

Robert Zamorano, a sophomore, offered a word of advice to incoming freshmen, “Do all things in moderation; leave some time for your own interests.”

By Jonathan Moss
Staff Writer