New carpeting is just on of the amenities in the newly renovated Wenger Hall. | KeithTew, Barton College

September 11, 2018 – Get ready for an all new campus layout for Barton College!

There have been many plans for renovations during the 2018 school year including Wenger Hall, the new Athletic Training Complex and the on-going creation of a turf field for lacrosse and football.

One renovation that has been completed is Wenger Hall. This dorm has six-stories, and is a co-ed residence hall on the northeast corner of the main campus. Each suite will share a fully equipped bath- room area, with air conditioning, and high-speed wireless internet throughout the building.

Residents can enjoy a comfortable lounge, study room, balconies and laundry facilities. Samantha Wilcox, a freshman Presidential Leadership Fellow, said that “being able to control the temperature in my room is a blessing.”

Even Maddy Hauck, hall director of Hilley and Wenger Hall, had the opportunity to be a voice for returning students of Wenger and advice for new changes to the dorm.

The second renovation on campus is the new Athletic Training Complex. This is located on the other side of the KRIC.  This training facility is for athletes only and will be ready for use in the week of Sept. 9, 2018. Every team may be- gin their workouts at the same time as well. Although, there will be a new workout facility, the KRIC will still be available to everyone who wants to use it.

Also a turf field for the new lacrosse team this year that also will be used for the college’s football team. The production be completed by the 2019 season for men’s and women’s lacrosse. It is being built behind the Kennedy Family  eater.

By Tyneisha Williams
Staff Writer