September 13, 2018 – Even as Barton’s Emergency Response Team continues to closely monitor Hurricane Florence and the updated storm track models, the College is preparing to welcome students back to campus and to classes as soon as possible following the storm.

Campus preparations have been carried out this week with great efficiency and care to ensure the safety of our Barton students, faculty, and staff. Our thanks is offered to essential campus personnel who will remain on duty during the storm period. Your service is very much appreciated.

We continue to encourage everyone to use good judgment and caution throughout the storm period. Please stay safe.

Students who were unable to leave campus must continue to abide by storm-related guidelines, which require everyone to remain in the designated shelter space on campus (Waters Hall) throughout the storm period. Please note that students will not be able to return to their residence hall rooms until Dr. Chrissy Coley, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success, has given permission. Food service and student activities will be provided at the storm shelter location on campus.

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