Dr. Norval Kneten is retiring from the position of Barton College president and in honor of all he has done, a few events and a few memorable gifts will be given in honor of he and his wife Susan Kneten,who has been an ambassador for the college locally and nationally.
Kneten has served as the president at Barton for the last 12 years and has been proactive here at Barton College.images

On Thursday, April 23, the entire campus will be invited to spent time honoring the Knetens.
“Stop Hunger now is an event that the Knetens helped establish here at Barton, so on the morning of the 23rd a Stop Hunger Now event is going to take place in their honor,” said Lorie Dalola, the special events manager at Barton.

Stop Hunger Now is an event where students, faculty, and community members will package food to send over to people in need of food.

“Over the last seven years, Barton College has raised money and has packaged enough food to supply nearly 300,000 meals to feed children and adults around the world” said Keisha Parker, SGA president. The event will be held in the Wilson Gym at 8 a.m.

“Keisha Parker is working with Provost Dr. Gary Danes on getting Stop Hunger Now set up,” said Kathy Daughety, director of Public Relations.

“There is an ice cream social by the new flag poles, Patriotic Plaza, by the West Lee Entrance on April 23,” said Barton Vice President of Student Serivces George Sloan.

The ice cream social is open to students, faculty, community members, and friends of the Knetens.
Everyone is encouraged to come out and honor the Knetens at this event.

“There will be ice cream, music, balloons and it will be a great time, the ice cream social is from 2:45 to 3:15 and it will be followed by a ceremony where people will be speaking about the president,” said Dalola

“Keisha is going to be speaking on behalf of the student body,” said Dalola.

“The Mayor is going to speak about the Knetens and this provides a chance for all the constituents to remark on the President,” said Daughety.

“As of right now this is all that has been confirmed about the public events, there will be a private dinner for the Knetens and their friends and guests to chat and get together but this is only for a select few people,” said Dalola.

“Also this is impossible to be kept a secret but we will be doing a photo album for the Knetens with memorable pictures of their time here with Barton College, it is currently being put together right now, and there will be a few blank pages in the back for students, faculty, and community members to sign their name in,” said Dalola.

“We encourage everyone to try and sign this photo album,” said Dalola.

More information about when to sign the photo album will be released through email at a later date. This ceremony is a way for students, faculty, and community members to get together and honor the President and all he and his wife have done throughout their time here at Barton College.

 By: Breanna Bonczewski