The Barton College Association of Nursing Students gave kids and Barton Students an afternoon full of surprises and excitement on the Thursday before Halloween when the group opened its second annual Haunted House.

With the help of the BCANS committee, which is made up of people who signed up to help organize this event, and the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the Haunted House was a success, proving that this event just gets bigger and bigger.

Cayleigh Joslyn, one of the members of the BCANS committee, said, “I was really excited when I noticed that there were more participants than last year. I would have liked more organizations to be involved on that night, but I couldn’t have asked for better people to help us. The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon made our night great, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

Nursing Majors Victoria Tulley and Allison Pate.

The BCANS committee started planning this event at the beginning of the year. The idea of creating a Haunted House was taken from last year’s BCANS members and adapted to include a kid friendly time period for kids to come get candy, face painting, and play games before it got scary.

For the kid-friendly haunted house, earlier in the night, many of the kids were eight and under but the rest of the people who came to the haunted nursing school from 7-9 that night were students around 18-22.

The cost of the haunted house was one can of food for kids of ages 10 and under, children and adults 11-plus paid with two cans. However, there were many people who donated more cans of food than they were asked for.

Joslyn said, “This year there were approximately 25 participants who donated cans in the haunted house, but many people contributed canned goods and candy to our event if they couldn’t attend.”

“This was a canned food drive event and all of the cans were donated to the food bank in Wilson,” she added.

The purpose of this event was to raise canned goods for the food pantry as well as give the students and faculty a place to bring their kids for safe trick or treating, and also, give students and faculty a place to come have some scary Halloween fun.

In order to build the Haunted House, the BCANS decorations committee used materials that were donated by their members or made the decorations from items they had (i.e. paper towel rolls).

Joslyn said, “My favorite part of the haunted house was seeing two groups on campus (coming together to help raise canned goods for the food pantry at a time during the year when they are so desperate for more food. I love seeing the looks on people’s faces after they go through the house because they had such a good time”

This event symbolizes Barton College student’s values; by showing their determination in   finding new ways to help the community.

By Vanessa Sanoja
Staff Writer