Saturday exams? Barton is adding Saturday exams to the spring schedule.

To take an exam on the weekend would be viewed by most as being practically sinful. In this case, however, it is very advantageous.

“Spring semester final exams are being offered on Saturday in order for students to be able to complete all their exams, and for faculty to evaluate them, before the date of graduation,” said Barton Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Gary Daynes.

As is the case with most academic affairs, the decision to allow for exams on a weekend came out of many problematic inconsistencies on the calendar.

“There are many constraints on the calendar–the number of weeks of instruction required by our accreditor, the length of faculty contracts, the dates of important events (such as graduation) and the dates of holidays–most significant among them,” said Daynes. “The key benefit is for students and faculty to be able to complete exams in a timely fashion.”

As for whether or not this will be a consistency, there is no policy for having weekend exams. The decision to have the exams on Saturday was a collaborative one.

“Each year the Provost’s Office, the Academic Deans, the Registrar’s Office, and the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success work together to develop the academic calendar,” said Daynes.

While it may appear to be unconventional, it is actually quite common for schools to opt for holding exams on the weekend if the schedule calls for it. “It is not unusual for colleges to have final exam periods include Saturdays,” said Daynes. “I had Saturday finals both as a student and as a faculty member at previous institutions.”

While students may not exactly be excited about the notion of taking an exam on a Saturday, they should go into it knowing that it is ultimately for the benefit of not only them but the faculty as well, at least as far as timing is concerned.

By Aaron Young
Staff Writer