Barton College Student Government Association, SGA, hosted the first “Color Run” on Friday, Feb. 17, at 3 p.m. to raise money for the organization Rise Against Hunger, formerly as Stop Hunger Now.

This year there were 11 participants in the race. SGA raised $165 for Rise Against Hunger nonprofit organization.

Students, faculty and staff were able to walk, jog or run the “Color Run” course around the perimeter of the Barton College mile. Each runner was given a white t-shirt with the words “Barton College Color Run” and a bulldog on the front.

It was a 5K race and prizes were given to the top three female and male finalists.

Barton students showered in colorful powder during 5K color run race hosted by SGA on Thursday Feb. 17

Runners began at the bell tower on campus and at different sections of the Barton College sidewalks an SGA representative would toss colorful powder toward runners as they passed each section.

Colors filled the air, the sidewalks and showered the runners’ white t-shirts in a variety of bold colors. Color arrows outlined the path for participants to follow, and at the end of the race they were able to throw handfuls colorful powder, to create an array of colors in a cloudlike figure.

According to Jared Tice, dean of students, this was the first of several events to support the organization Rise Against Hunger.

“Rise Against Hunger is a national nonprofit that fights against food and hunger shortages in countries around the world,” said Tice.

Tice won first place in the “Color Run” race from all the runners. He said this was the first time had won any sporting event.

He hopes the “Color Run” event will become another highly anticipated event for the continuing academic school years, like the Paint Wars event and other recently established traditions.

“The Student Government Association will be having event throughout the rest of the spring in order to raise money for Rise Against Hunger,” said Tice.

According to Tice, the next goal for SGA is to raise $7,500 and package 25,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger.

SGA will hold the annual packaging event on campus, and the event will take place in the Wilson Gymnasium on April 20 this year, said Tice.

Tyamber Neal and Hannah Teasley, both seniors and student athletes, decided to partake in the 5K. They both agreed it was a great way to alleviate stress after a week of classes, and to enjoy an event with the added benefit of exercise.

“Yeah, it made it a lot more fun because being stressed out during the week this was a little bit of release for me,” said Teasley.

Teasley said her favorite part was being able to throw the colored chalk up in the air, which was a unique photo opportunity. Neal mostly enjoyed being able to run with friends and seeing everyone have fun.

“I just encourage more people to do it next time because it is really fun and it goes towards a great cause,” said Neal.

This may be a first for Barton College, and although many participants were athletes, others decided to walk the course rather than run. Either way all the money went toward a cause.

By: Luisa Torres