In January 2017, the Barton School of Business unveiled a new 16 month graduate degree program with a focus in strategic leadership. The program is specifically designed for business students.

The program is available to graduate students who wish to start in January or to undergraduate students who wish to combine the master’s degree with their undergraduate degree as part of the 3+2 program.

The 3+2 program allows students to complete their undergraduate and master’s degree in strategic leadership in five years. For these students, the spring semester of senior year counts as the first semester of the master’s program, meaning their financial aid still applies.

“The program saves me money in the long run,” said Chase Riker, a second year business student who recently switched to the new major. “Not only am I saving a year’s worth of tuition by getting both degrees in five years, but my scholarships and other financial aid apply to that first semester of the master’s program. Other graduate programs don’t do that for you.”

The School of Business made the decision to bring strategic leadership to Barton after reaching out to the community for interest. The feedback received was positive, leading to the creation of the program.

“This program is different from regular MBA programs because we offer 12 to 15 distinct courses that all stress leadership,” said Ron Eggers, business school dean. “All of the classes are in a classroom and students take them together.”

Eggers said the most important thing to know about the program is that it has the leadership focus. It is an applied program, giving students the opportunity to work closely with businesses in Wilson for projects.

“Students who graduate with a degree in strategic leadership are more likely to assume leadership positions in businesses because they have the experience through the program,” said Eggers.

Anybody interested in the program or would like more information can email Eggers at

By Alyssa Lanphear

Managing Editor