By Elizabeth Sloop
Staff Writer

Alright Bulldogs, it’s time to crack out the fishnets, lace up dusty corsets, and slather on some deep red lipstick. Why? Barton is bringing back a fan favorite, cult classic, campy and musical comedy to the Kennedy Family Theatre: The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Richard O’Brien.

The premiere night will be held on Oct. 1 for honor students and the President and Oct. 2 -3 will be shown at 7:30 p.m. for everyone.

It is Barton’s second year hosting this scandalous and red hot production after previously shown last April. Ask any attendee and the same point will be made that it is unlike any other production put on.

Sophomore and cast member Jamie Lynne Allen advises new audience members: “Please come and watch with no judgements! This is a performance. It’s for your enjoyment and for us to enjoy, you enjoying! This is definitely a PG-13 show so be cautious who you decide to bring. Please shiver with anticipation, because we are coming back baby!”

The one-of-a-kind performance dabbles between generations and time period styles. The characters are eccentric, unique and provocative.

The music is incredibly catchy, and will be a phenomenal new experience to new attendees.

If you are a big fan of the show and want to more than just watch, there are still positions up for audition.

“The cast last semester was definitely one in a million,” said Allen. “All of us connected and worked so well together.”

“That’s not something you see often in productions at all. But my favorite part of the show was that everyone, even the men, had to perform in corsets and having a great time in the very end. I really hope that we have a lot of energetic, open minded students audition and bring a new vibe to the stage that we didn’t have before!”

Auditions were held the first week of September and rehearsal starts Sept. 12.

If you are not familiar with the cult classic, here’s what you need to know. This rock and roll packed musical classic first premiered in London’s West End, Los Angeles in 1973 and was performed on Broadway until 1980.

Later from its popularity, it became a movie starring Tim Curry in 1975.

The storyline follows a stranded couple in a late, stormy night as they stumble upon a vastly large mansion. Inside they find a quite odd and rather strange party.

The host, a transvestite arrives. Takes them under his wing as the party and storyline takes a twist that will be a surprise to the audience.

The group of students and directors Sherry Lee Allen and Adam Twiss are hard at work to make this year’s production to be even more stunningly spectacular than last years.

Director of the Theatre Twiss said, “Something unique to Barton’s production is the way that Barton encourages and gains participation from students (majors and non-majors alike) as well as faculty, staff, and community members. This Rocky Horror is truly collaborative across the campus and throughout the community.

“As to what is new with this…we have had wonderfully successful shows in the past, but we have never felt the need remount a production before. “This was so wildly successful last spring that we felt it should have another run before we tuck it away. It will be an exciting way to introduce a new class of students to theatre and all the complex conversation that it can prompt.”

Everyone is invited grab their funkiest wardrobe and to climb aboard a wild ride of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.