By Benjamin Hawley

enzo-torcoletti-609x381Enzo Torcoletti, a world-renowned sculpture artist, will be visit Barton College on Oct. 15. An exhibit showcasing his work will be in the gallery located in the Case Art Building.

In 1968, he received his bachelor’s in English literature. He later earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in sculpture and printmaking from the University of Windsor in 1969. He also received earned Master’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Florida State University in 1971.

Growing up in Italy, he was surrounded by sculpture created by the masters. Being exposed to classical sculpture at a young age influenced his artwork greatly.

Torcoletti is known for mixing traditional materials and subject matter and putting a modern spin on them. In Torcoletti’s sculptures, he abstracts the female form.

Maureen O’Neill, assistant professor and director of exhibitions and educational programming said, “Enzo Torcoletti creates sculptures that take inspiration from early Greek and Roman traditions. He has a deep love for natural materials and often works in makeable and other stone. His work remains rooted in the figure but often moves toward abstraction.”

In addition to stone he also works with wood to create his sculptures.

He is connected to his works. “It is like breathing,” Torocoletti said “You do it because it is necessary to stay alive as an individual or an artist. You do it for yourself.”

He is passionate about sculpture, and he is knowledgeable about the materials he uses. He can tell you where all of his stone and raw materials come from.

O’Neill has a personal connection to Torcoletti because they were both professors at Flagler College in Florida. He taught drawing, art history and sculpture at the college.

O’Neill said, “He is an incredible sculptor. I have never met anyone with such skill.”

Along with being a great sculpture he can brew a great cup of coffee. “Every day at four he would make the most amazing espresso for us,” said O’Neill. She also said he one of the ‘hardest workers she has ever seen.”

In the exposition showcasing his artwork there will be both large marble sculptures and his drawings. The drawings in the show are the plans he draws up before making a sculpture. He will be giving a lecture where he will talk about himself and his artwork on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Along with Torcoletti’s sculptures being on display, the artist is will be teaching some workshops in the Case Art Building. During the workshops he will be demonstrating how to carve marble and other materials. These workshops are open to the public on Saturday Oct. 17 and Saturday, Oct. 24.

Torcoletti is an active artist. He is currently spends half of the year in Florida and the other half he is spending in Italy. He has workshops in both Italy and Florida where he continues to produce his own artwork.