Heirloom, 2018, by Drew Armstrong

This is a short film created by Drew Armstrong for a class assignment.

Exploration of Sound, 2017, by AnToneay Daughtrey

This work by AnTonea Daughtrey, completed in ART 190 Foundations I, demonstrates the inter-connectivity of sound an motion in film.

O Fortuna, 1st Movement, 2017, by AnTonea Daughtrey

This was a piece created for ART 190 Foundations I class. The assignment was to use colored liquid to animate movements that synced to a piece of music. Daughtrey chose to use the 1st movement of "O Fortuna," by Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana."

The Build, 2017, by Stephen Foy

"The Build," is a trailer for a television production by Stephen Foy.

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